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TASIMODE is established with a purpose, to give the opportunity to single mothers to co-create positive change for themselves and their children.

TASIMODE is a Non-Government funded organisation established with the purpose of promoting and protecting human rights by acting as an advocate for women who are struggling with the impacts of being a single parent .These single mothers are living in poverty while being discriminated against by society, whilst trying to support the family and they have no basic resources such as clean drinking water, food and clothing.

Tasimode is located in Central-Eastern Tanzania where it is estimated that on average 23% of the mothers are single and 43% of those live below the poverty line.Our goal is to become an evidence- based NGO, that is there to provide an opportunity for young single mothers to move from economic hardship to a better life with purpose and new skills. Tasimode’s vision is to be self sustainable and will focus on supporting individual (single mothers) that show their own effort of enthusiasm to retain our support.

Education is what’s needed to help make this change a reality. Sustainable living gives back the power to these single mothers and allows them to offer their children a chance to look towards a better future. We can break the cycle through an Education structure that gives empowerment to the individual and allows them to become who they choose to be. BASIC Education is the direction in which all projects stem and will be the support system for the next generation of children.

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An ongoing goal that “TASIMODE” will always aspire to continue is to be a self sustainable NGO that will operate financially on the profit made from the various projects that the single mothers are involved in.

The objective for creating self sustainable projects that will run by the single mother’s is to develop and disseminate awareness to the adolescence single mothers that despite their predicament in life they can change the situation and their environment if they will accept the challenges to alleviate poverty. This also works as an educational initiative based around the principles of self sustainability. The aim is to give the tools, training and the impetus that will empower adolescent single mothers to be able to provide food, water and shelter for their families through employment.

The following graph outlines the progression of current Tasimode projects:

Success Rate With Single Mothers & Their Children
Sunflower Seed Factory
Ti Di Project
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“Let us work in partnerships between rich and poor to improve the opportunities of all human beings to build better lives.”

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