May 2016


Here at Tasimode we are in the process of building sustainable employment opportunities for young single mothers in Manyara.

A sun flower seed factory run by single mothers for single mothers, providing the chance for them to free themselves from the economical challenges they are currently facing. Our growing team is moving ahead with project workforce, and are working hard at generating the funds needed to establish this outcome.

Tasimode is a grass roots promovement, empowering single mothers at a level which encourages new skills and developmental ways of thinking. Teams from Australia and Africa have been consistently working together to unite a strong movement. With an enthusiastic and committed approach, production of the organic sun flower oil will soon be up and running.

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A message from the Mothers

Doreen Kingazi

When talking about single mothers, I  definitely want to say i have allot of respect for them, as I am one myself. When I was pregnant to my first child I must be honest and say I had  experienced so many horrific emotions around a time when I should have been so happy to bring a new baby into this world. 

The main reason why I cried so much at this point in my life was because I didn’t have a father of my child. He had left without seeing his child, talking to his child and even to this day he has not contacted.

I thank the support of TASIMODE for being there as a father for my child and like a friend for me. Please take the opportunity to look at my beautiful child who is my world and I would be lost without her.


walterA message from the Mothers
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Black-white-hands-heartWhether with a large group of people in a volunteer organization, or just between two friends exchanging words of advice, helping people creates a feeling of community.


Psychologists call “helper’s high” a contagious act triggering the Mesolithic system, the portion of the brain responsible for feelings of reward. It is a proven study and as many would agree one that we have approved ourselves.

Be aware of ways that you can give back whether its through love, nature, words, empathy or just listening.

“For every person you help, your family tree grows bigger”

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