28 Jun 2016

Single Mother story

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I fell in love and he broke my heart. I ran to my mother and poured out all my pain. I couldn’t seem to conquer the fear of moving on and tears fell like the rain pouring down on a dark.

I love my son, and was (and still am) prepared to do anything for him, but I was also determined to finish my studies, because I knew it would be important for our future if I did.
Taking care of my son and staying up all night working on school projects was not easy. Not to mention how we had it financially.

I couldn’t finish my education because i got kicked out of my home.
Thank you to TASIMODE who has been able to support me through giving me job opportunities and teaching my son education!

walterSingle Mother story
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There are many reasons Tasimode’s PROJECT WORKFORCE chose the beautiful sunflower to help build better futures in Arusha. Currently sunflower oil contributes to 13% of the world edible oil production. It is cholesterol-free and a sustainable alternative to palm oil! At Tasimode we recognise the trans formative potential of agricultural industries like sunflower oil on the lives of rural communities. Over 50% of farmers in Tanzania are involved in edible oil production, with 40% of them manufacturing sunflower oil. However, many small scale farmers lack the resources to produce quality oil and lift themselves out of poverty.

Our Celebration for Change Fundraiser is focusing all support towards the sunflower mill, ensuring single mothers involved in PROJECT WORKFORCE can generate an ethically grown, organic sunflower oil using high quality machinery.

Being a part of Tasimode and PROJECT WORKFORCE means you are assisting mothers in transforming their own, and their children’s, lives. Together we are going beyond simply alleviating their financial burdens. PROJECT WORKFORCE engenders empowerment among women and girls, creating a cultural change that celebrates a mother’s ability to raise a family alone, with dignity, free from poverty!

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