Single Mother story

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I fell in love and he broke my heart. I ran to my mother and poured out all my pain. I couldn’t seem to conquer the fear of moving on and tears fell like the rain pouring down on a dark.

I love my son, and was (and still am) prepared to do anything for him, but I was also determined to finish my studies, because I knew it would be important for our future if I did.
Taking care of my son and staying up all night working on school projects was not easy. Not to mention how we had it financially.

I couldn’t finish my education because i got kicked out of my home.
Thank you to TASIMODE who has been able to support me through giving me job opportunities and teaching my son education!

walterSingle Mother story
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There are many reasons Tasimode’s PROJECT WORKFORCE chose the beautiful sunflower to help build better futures in Arusha. Currently sunflower oil contributes to 13% of the world edible oil production. It is cholesterol-free and a sustainable alternative to palm oil! At Tasimode we recognise the trans formative potential of agricultural industries like sunflower oil on the lives of rural communities. Over 50% of farmers in Tanzania are involved in edible oil production, with 40% of them manufacturing sunflower oil. However, many small scale farmers lack the resources to produce quality oil and lift themselves out of poverty.

Our Celebration for Change Fundraiser is focusing all support towards the sunflower mill, ensuring single mothers involved in PROJECT WORKFORCE can generate an ethically grown, organic sunflower oil using high quality machinery.

Being a part of Tasimode and PROJECT WORKFORCE means you are assisting mothers in transforming their own, and their children’s, lives. Together we are going beyond simply alleviating their financial burdens. PROJECT WORKFORCE engenders empowerment among women and girls, creating a cultural change that celebrates a mother’s ability to raise a family alone, with dignity, free from poverty!

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Make a Wish :)

What do you wish for your children?
To succeed in school, to travel the world, to live a life rich in happiness?
KIDSMany single mothers in Tanzania are simply striving to meet their children’s basic needs; being able to provide our families with clean water, food, and shelter is something we can all take for granted.
With your help, single mothers involved with TASIMODE are taking control of their situations and facing social stigma head on to free themselves from poverty.

ASANTE SANA for joining the fight against poverty !!

walterMake a Wish :)
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Here at Tasimode we are in the process of building sustainable employment opportunities for young single mothers in Manyara.

A sun flower seed factory run by single mothers for single mothers, providing the chance for them to free themselves from the economical challenges they are currently facing. Our growing team is moving ahead with project workforce, and are working hard at generating the funds needed to establish this outcome.

Tasimode is a grass roots promovement, empowering single mothers at a level which encourages new skills and developmental ways of thinking. Teams from Australia and Africa have been consistently working together to unite a strong movement. With an enthusiastic and committed approach, production of the organic sun flower oil will soon be up and running.

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A message from the Mothers

Doreen Kingazi

When talking about single mothers, I  definitely want to say i have allot of respect for them, as I am one myself. When I was pregnant to my first child I must be honest and say I had  experienced so many horrific emotions around a time when I should have been so happy to bring a new baby into this world. 

The main reason why I cried so much at this point in my life was because I didn’t have a father of my child. He had left without seeing his child, talking to his child and even to this day he has not contacted.

I thank the support of TASIMODE for being there as a father for my child and like a friend for me. Please take the opportunity to look at my beautiful child who is my world and I would be lost without her.


walterA message from the Mothers
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Black-white-hands-heartWhether with a large group of people in a volunteer organization, or just between two friends exchanging words of advice, helping people creates a feeling of community.


Psychologists call “helper’s high” a contagious act triggering the Mesolithic system, the portion of the brain responsible for feelings of reward. It is a proven study and as many would agree one that we have approved ourselves.

Be aware of ways that you can give back whether its through love, nature, words, empathy or just listening.

“For every person you help, your family tree grows bigger”

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On going support floods TASIMODE..

logoIn the past three weeks, community members in the Northern NSW region, have been lending a hand towards a new project aimed at generating support in the growth of TASIMODE. A co created business Moyo Creations was inspired when a generous amount of Gem stones was donated by a beautiful Melbourne grandmother, who had personally collected and polished each stone within the past 35 years. Moyo CreKidsations is designed to give people the chance to participate and become part of the team. Each gem stone is being individually crafted into a unique design of its own, and is offered as a gift to those who donate towards TASIMODE. In the past few weeks many people have shown e
nthusiasm by lending time and energy into Moyo Creations to successfully take off. Locals, travellers and children are just a few who are participating and putting up their hands to help with crafty ideas. With all the current support, Moyo Creations is already showing to be off to a winning start with its first market stall on the 1st of May, the first of many to come. The idea is to encourage people to take a look at how they can give a gift that keeps on giving, with inspiration to get actively involved in a fun and creative way.

walterOn going support floods TASIMODE..
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Hammer & Nails

hammerDo you think making a difference is hard?? Of course not, Nothing is impossible or out of reach when we are following our heart. There are two types of people in this world, the hammer and the nails. Hammers will stand at the front and put words into action so i thank you for all the business and donors who have contributed to TASIMODE by putting your face in the spotlight. But also without the nails TASIMODE would never have been created, nails you are holding this project together, your continuous support weather it is just spending a few moments to read this post or have split second thought about how TASIMODE is creating smiles for these single mothers and children, so we thankyou hammers and nails! We are on our true lifes purpose of love. Brothers and Sisters are as close as hands and feet.. How we hold each other up and the paths we walk together, across all lands.. Love peace and gratitude to all.

walterHammer & Nails
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You are the matches

When you walk outside and look at the sky and listen to the birds around you, that is when “gratitude” hits you. Every lit bit extra (Food, water, shelter,clothes) is the icing on top of the cake, in that we are. If you appreciate the small things in life, the big things will come at you like an avalanche.byron-man-helps-single-mothers

In this case TASIMODE is the avalanche for the appreciative, caring and loving parents in which the single mothers represent. They want to help and change their lives, we are just there to start the fire and the individuals supporting TASIMODE are the matches.

So Thank you for making helping us make the change, a change they “deserve”!!

walterYou are the matches
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My Story

This is my story –

(Translated from swahili)
People sometimes get angry or frustrated with circumstances and even myself, but becoming a parent regardless if i have no money, food, job or shelter, you still do the best you can to be a good parent.

Any normal 13 year old would be living with there parents and at school, however mine was the opposite..I had no idea that I could become pregnant from what had happened. I didn’t even know what being pregnant was! In the months that followed, my breasts got really big and my hips got wider, but I thought I was just developing the way other girls my age were. 4 months on, I felt something move inside my stomach. I told my parents that i had been mistreated by an older boy and i couldn’t tell any as i was very scared. But instead of sympathy i was kicked out of the once small grass thatched shelter i once had and i have never seen my parents since. 

I was 14 when i had my first baby, yes i am a single mother.


walterMy Story
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